Tan reciente como la pasada semana la noticia de que Millones de cuentas del Seguro Social fueron robadas del sistema de computos de la agencia, nos puso en aviso de cuan vulnerables estamos para que nuestro credito sea atacado.

Te invito a que visites la página de #CreditSesame.   Por ley, todos tenemos derecho a un informe de crédito anual gratis, y #CreditSesame te da acceso. Adicional, te ofrece otros servicios como protección de credito e identidad, seguimiento del movimiento de tu cuenta y mas


What are you waiting for? Click here to register for free in under 2 minutes. You’ll get your free credit score and a complete view of your credit and loans. Plus, when you turn on the Credit Monitoring feature, you’ll be notified of changes to your credit profile, along with $50K identity theft insurance and live agents to help you restore your identity in case of theft. All for free. All in one place.

Just like your home, your finances need to be cleaned up regularly. With spring-cleaning fever around the corner, it’s time to give your winter finances a fresh look and get your credit in tip-top shape.

Did you know that the recent FTC study found that over 20% of Americans or 40 Million credit reports have reporting errors that are costing consumers money in credit card interest rates and loans? Start your spring cleaning by making sure that your credit report does not contain erroneous information that could be impacting your credit score. Keep tabs on your credit report activities and your score by signing up for free credit monitoring and score services like Credit Sesame, so that you can easily protect your financial good standing.

* Receive daily credit monitoring alerts
* Get your FREE Credit Score Monthly
* Limit ID Theft Damage
* Find Potential Errors Sooner
* Get Access to Better Loans and Save Money

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